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Updated October 16th, 2015

Ed Segal G2R83

Code: Ed Segal G2R83
Price: $7,500.00
Additional information
  • Rebuilt Edward Segal Auto Grommet Machine
  • Set Up for ∏” Inside Diameter 2 Piece Grommet
  • Double Revolution Meaning It will Punch the Hole and then Set the Grommet
  • Auto Hopper for the Top Grommet
  • If  you were operating this machine you would load the bottom washer on the die, then put the material under the die and hit the pedal. This will start the cycle and the die will come down and punch the hole. Then the machine will automatically load the top grommet and machine will cycle one more time and set the grommet. You then start the process over again.
  • 110V and Requires Air