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Updated October 16th, 2015


Code: VG-888S
Price: $3,995.00
Additional information

NEW Shingling VG-888S series SMALL DIAMETER cylinder bed top and bottom coverstitch with auto thread trimmer for top and bottom threads, auto footlift and direct drive needle position motor. Can be used as a two needle or three needle machine and from 3 threads bottom coverstitch or 4 to 5 threads using top and bottom coverstitch. 179mm Circumference Diameter Cylinder. This is good for hemming bottoms of jeans or replacing a Union Special 43200G as we can mount an air operated air folder on it for that application. We also have this machine available in a not automatic direct drive machine.

$3995 Each

This same machine is also available now with an EXTRA SMALL DIAMETER CYLINDER ARM COVERSTITCH w/ a 112mm circumference arm.


Available in various needle spacing’s: 4.0mm, 4.8mm, 5.6mm, 6.4mm

Also available in a left hand fabric trimming knife for hemming t-shirts

Also available in standard plain machine for use with clutch style motor and manual thread trimming

Also available in a standard plain cylinder coverstitch machine with auto thread trimmer, footlift and needle position direct drive motor

Also available in a right hand fabric trimming knife for setting of elastic in men’s underwear


These are the BEST Taiwanese quality sewing machines on the market and very popular in the Asian market as well as the South American & Latin American markets with major brand name label companies and contractors such as Under Armor, Warnaco, Niki, Russell and many many other.


NOTE: Delivery of this machine could be up to 6-8 weeks as they are special order but contact us for exact delivery date.
We also like to have this customers sample material and thread to set these machines up and sew them off prior to shipping.