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Updated October 16th, 2015

L081, R081 & N081

Code: L081, R081 & N081
Price: $120.00
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Set of 3 Small Smooth Left, Right & Double Toe Zipper Foot Set for Walking Foot Machines

These Zipper feet Nick-O Sew has specifically made for us.  This is a Left, Right & Double Toe Zipper foot Set for MOST STANDARD WALKING FOOT MACHINES that are smooth and narrow.  They are made narrow so you can see what you are sewing and turn tight corners. Great and Ideal for Leather!  They are smooth on the bottom so they will not mark the leather.  These come as a set with the inner and outer foot and FIT MOST STANDARD WALKING FOOT MACHINES. 

You can email us your machine make and model and we can tell you if it will fit your machine.

Please note these WILL NOT fit most Adler and Pfaff Machines. 

$120.00 for set of 3