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Updated October 16th, 2015


Nick-O Sewing Machine, LLC offers equipment appraisals for banks, insurance companies, auction companies, leasing companies or finance institutions. Whether you have one machine or several factories we will provide the market value or the replacement cost of your assets. Please email or contact us for information. Pricing vary on quantity of machines and if we are required to travel.


Nick-O Sewing Machine, LLC offers a variety of different shipping methods. Nick-O Sewing Machine, LLC associates with several different logistic companies to offer you the best shipping prices and discounted quotes. From day-to-day shipping needs of individual parts, supplies, one machine or a full international container load, we will make sure you are receining the best shipping quotes and discounted pricing available.




Nick-O Sewing Machine, LLC also offers a delivery service.  When you purchase a machine with us, you can request Nick-O Sew delivery service and we will be more than happy to deliver your machine to you.  Quotes and pricing vary per delivery.


Nick-O Sewing Machine, LLC is also capable of providing 20’, 40’ and 53’ containers for export shipments. Nick-O Sewing Machine, LLC can load them live or can have them docked. All shipments can be crated for export shipments at a additional charge.  Charges vary per shipment.


Leasing Equipment
Nick-O Sewing Machine, LLC leases equipment that we currently have in inventory with approved credit. Lease one machine or as many machines as you need for your project.  We also offer a lease-to-purchase option.  Please contact our sales department with any questions you may have and we will be glad to assist you with leasing, lease-to-purchase or, buying a machine today!  1-800-526-4256.

Contact us with the machines that you are interested in leasing or lease- to- purchase.

  • The first 3 months (10% of the purchase price) due at beginning of lease.

  • Then 5% of the purchase price each additional month (due at the first of every month).

  • Leases paid in full in the first 3 months, 100% of the payment received goes toward the purchase.

  • Leases paid in full between the 3rd and 6th months, 75% of the payment received goes toward the purchase price.

  • Leases paid in full after the 6th month, 50% of the payment received goes toward the purchase price.

  • We provide Lease agreements for all leases and lease-to-purchase of all equipment from Nick-O Sewing Machine, LLC  These lease agreements are to ensure lawful provisions required to protect both parties and give an outline of the provisions required by Nick-O Sewing per individual lease option plan.  Terms and conditions are listed in each lease.


Leasing Brochure

Credit Application

Lease Agreement


Machine Repairs, Rebuilding and Technical Help

Nick-O Sewing Machine, LLC always offers technical assistance. Call and ask your question to one of our trained technical support staff members.  They can answer your questions over the phone, via email or make a service call direct to your home or business.  We are available and eager to help our customers so contact us today! 1-800-526-4256.




Nick-O Sewing Machine, LLC offers a machine rebuilding service. We can rebuilt or repair any machine.  Rebuilding machines is a specialty of ours.  If you love your old machine and it is in need of minor adjustments or major repairs, call us and our trained staff will be glad to assist you.  1-800-526-4256.